How to send pictures to Garden Art Memories for Printing

It is very Important that we get the best possible artwork to ensure an excellent print for your art. Most Digital Cameras save the pictures you take as .jpg files, and that is the preferred file format for printing. Most images taken at 2 megapixels or more will print well, but the Higher the Resolution the better.  

To ensure that your image(s) are correctly identified when we recieve it, please attach the image or images to an email, and in the email reference the invoice number you received when you placed your order. Send your image(s) to

In general Email messages plus attachments must be 10 MB or less, so if you are forwarding a large number of images you may have to send multiple emails to accomodate all of the images.

If you are taking a photograph to be printed make sure your camera is set to its highest quality image resolution, Then save the image to your computer and attach it to an email to Be sure to include your invoice number with the image(s).

If your image is on a cell phone simply send a picture message with the image you wish to have printed to Be sure to include your invoice number with the image.

For professional photographers, please convert any RAW image files to 24 bit RGB .jpg files before forwarding to us.

If you are scanning a physical photograph for printing, please scan in high resolution color (at least 600 dpi) and save the image as a .jpg file, then forward as an email attachment to
Be sure to include your invoice number with the image.

We can scan and print any physical photograph up to 8x10 inches if you need that sevice. However, We can not take any responsibility for damage to the photograph incurred during shipping or handling. A Fee of $10.00 will be added for scanning and digitizing the photograph. If you need this service please call (931) 723-4155 and speak with our Artist before shipping the picture. 

We do not have facilities for scanning 35mm slides.