Your Pictures at Your Place...Outdoors or In.... to make You SMILE!

All of the pictures that you send us are automatically adjusted to best show them off. The fonts for your text are chosen by the Artist to compliment Your Picture. But you can always request a priliminary layout to make sure Your Garden Art is just the way you want it! We do this by simple email and it's easy to do.

Garden Art
Garden Art comes with an aluminum stake for your garden. The size is approximately 8x10" depending on the picture. It will make you smile to see your pictures in your garden... summer or winter... for years to come!


In Loving Memory...


Loved Ones


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All Magnetics are exterior grade and can be used indoors or outside. Kitchen mags are about 2.5x4" and car mags are about 6x8", depending on the picture. Imagine leaving your work after a hard day and seeing your favorite...  anything.. waiting to give you a smile!

Kitchen Magnets


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Car Magnets


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Spinners come in 1, 2 or 3 pieces and all have two pictures, one for each side. They are connected to rings and chain, and have a 'spinner' in the middle to allow them to rotate completely around... and around, again...  in the breeze. The first piece is about 8x10", with smaller sizes underneath. You can hang them in trees, from porches or on garden hooks (sold at your local garden centers).

1 Piece Two Sided Spinner


1  Two Sided Spinner

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2 Two Sided Spinner

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3 Two Sided Spinner

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3 Piece Two Sided Spinner


House Numbers
 House Numbers are made like Garden Art, but a little larger. The size is approximately 14x16" depending on the picture.  House Number Garden Art comes with an aluminum stake for your lawn or can be mounted directly to your front door or wall.

Iris with Side Panel

Your Favorite Friend!

With Name and St. Number



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Custom Garden Art
 Many custom outdoor pieces can be created, ranging in size up to a 4'x8' area.  The ones you see here are about 18x24" and 32x48". Because these are custom pieces and depend on the complexity of the design, you would really have to call for a price. Of course, if you send us camera ready artwork, the price would reflect the work that we DON'T do! And multiple copies would also drop the price per panel.

Friendship Garden Art -18x24"
Multiple Images... 1 for each friend!

Garden Art for a Dog Park


Call us at 931-723-4155 (we will answer as Silver Lining Signs). We are quite friendly and we want to make sure that your Garden Art is just what you want and will make you Smile every time you see it tucked away under a plant, hanging from your porch, on your car...



After Placing your order be sure to go to the Sending Pictures page for instructions on sending us your image(s).

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